K9 Command Dog Training Services offers the most unique and advanced training programs in the area.  Our training comes with a lifetime guarantee that is second to none.  Simply put, we offer a “one price for the life of the dog” package.  We specialize in giving owners reliable control on or off the leash.

Dog training to some is a hobby business, but to us it is a profession.  While there are certainly more inexpensive training classes that you could attend, the value of the training we provide is based on the results others are not able to achieve.  A large percentage of our clients have previously attended a less expensive training program only to be unsatisfied with the results.  Let us help you achieve the relationship you have always wanted with your dog.


Your dog will learn to:

  • Come when called – on or off the leash everytime
  • Sit or Down for as long as you want
  • Walk politely on a loose leash
  • Socialize with other dogs
  • Pay attention when you ask
  • Behave in a relaxed state in or out of your home.
  • …and much more!

Board-N-Train Program

Are you planning a vacation, business trip, or just need a few weeks of peace and quiet?
Your dog could live in a kennel-free atmosphere in our caring home. Living with a trainer 24/7 and socializing with our friendly pack.

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Your dog will learn NOT to:

  • Jump on people
  • Bolt out open doorways
  • Guard toys or food
  • Bark uncontrollably
  • Ignore your commands
  • …and much more!